Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots brings the Gospel to the Northern communities of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. These northern communities are small communities that live in a harsh climate and are plagued by the social problems of abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction and a general feeling of hopelessness.  The teams start by going up for a week in the summer and running a Vacation Bible School for the children.  Over the years relationships are built between the team members and the community members and the Gospel is shared in Bible Studies and just in casual conversation.


St. Michael began sending a team to Lac Brochet, Manitoba in 2010. Lac Brochet is a fly-in community only accessible by air (apart from the ice roads in the winter) and the people there are the Dene people.  The community is very receptive to our coming and provides housing for the team.  In 2015, we began to make a second visit this time in April, during the school year, to increase our relationships with the people and have more opportunities to share about the hope that is found in Jesus. Besides leading the Vacation Bible School the team also leads Women’s Bible Studies and holds several teen nights.  In the spring we are able to lead devotions with the children in their school classrooms.

The LAMP trips require a lot of preparation, spiritually, physically, and financially. There is a need for assistance as we collect the supplies for each trip, including all of the VBS supplies, snacks for the children, and special gifts for the children and adults.  Prayer is a huge need, there are opportunities to pray for a child individually and write a note to that child which the team will deliver. There is a need for prayers for the community for protection from the schemes of Satan and for the team as they ready themselves and they see the opportunities that God provides to share and show His love. Also, the financial need is great, because of the distance to Lac Brochet (2000 miles from Portage) and the need to take four airline flights on 3 different carriers it is an expensive trip as well as the supplies that are purchased and some mailed ahead of time. There is always a need for financial support.


Thank you to St. Michael for your heart for ministry, and for your love of the Dene people in Lac Brochet.  God is using you mightily in Lac Brochet.  God’s Word is being proclaimed and lives are being changed through God’s grace.