Sunday School for Children

Sunday School students are meeting during the summer. Join others in Room 120 for activities. The current theme of study is:

Fear, Love and Trust: Following God's Commandments

  • Lesson 1: God Gives the Law

    God commands that I love Him and others.

  • Lesson 2: The Golden Calf

    God commands that I put Him first.

  • Lesson 3: David and Goliath

    God commands that I respect His name.

  • Lesson 4: Solomon Builds and Dedicates the Temple

    God commands that I learn His Word.

  • Lesson 5: Joseph Cares for Jacob

    God commands that I honor authorities.

  • Lesson 6: Abraham Rescues Lot

    God commands that I respect Life.

  • Lesson 7: Isaac and Rebekah

    God commands that I honor marriage and family.

  • Lesson 8: Achan's Sin

    God commands that I respect my neighbor's things.

  • Lesson 9: David and Jonathan

    God commands that I speak well of others.

  • Lesson 10: Ahab Covets Naboth's Vineyard

    God commands that I be content.

  • Lesson 11: Paul and Philemon

    God commands that I be content.

  • Lesson 12: The Rich Young Ruler

    God commands that I fear, love, and serve Him.

  • Lesson 13: Peter's Reinstatement

    Jesus has kept God's commands in my place.

We also encourage families to be engaged in devotional time at home through reading the Scriptures; experiencing a new church location as you travel for vacation; finding unique and interesting places to have family prayer time; and having caring conversations about how Jesus is working within your daily lives.

Materials can be found on this page to cover some great lessons at home.

Look for a children's activity sheet near the Guestbook in the Welcome Center, that helps kids focus on this week's Gospel lesson!

Family Talks

How to talk to your kids about the Coronavirus

Managing fear and anxiety during a health pandemic


'Screen addiction' is becoming a real problem, even more so during COVID-19 lockdowns, which is why it's more important than ever for children and adults alike to learn and develop healthier digital habits. Here is a useful resource called “Understanding Screen Addiction and Responsible Digital Use” which offers lots of valuable information such as:

  • How technology use has changed over the years (72% of adults now consider smartphones their most essential device)
  • The impact of COVID-19 on screen time use and digital behaviors (smartphone usage in the UK surged by 30% during lockdown)
  • Understanding screen addictions and how our devices affect our brains and change our behaviors (e.g. dopamine-driven reward loops)
  • Helpful tips and useful advice for tackling device addiction, managing gadget and internet use, and creating healthier digital habits.