We’re glad you found St. Michael Lutheran Church and that you would like to get more involved.

When you’re new to a church, it can be a little difficult to know where to begin. But our members are committed to helping you feel at home and become an integral part of the ministry that the Lord has entrusted to us.

The first step in becoming an active member of any congregation is to attend worship services regularly where God gives you His gracious gifts. Anything we do for Him is in response to what He first does for us. You can also receive from God as you attend a Bible study, perhaps on Sunday morning between the worship services, or get involved in one of our many Small Groups that meet throughout the week in homes, restaurants, and at the church.

A great place to explore the basics of what we believe at St. Michael is to take the course called “Exploring Our Faith.” This 10-week course explores our Lutheran faith in general and our ministry at St. Michael in particular. Pastor Naumann usually teaches this on Sunday Morning between services at 9:45 am beginning in January, and then again in September. Pastor Toman also has taught the class on Saturday night in connection with Lamplight.

Giving back to God often means volunteering in some way. Volunteer ministry opportunities at St. Michael vary from one-time short term projects (like helping with the Fall Harvest Festival or the Easter Egg Hunt) to longer-term commitments like teaching Sunday School or serving on one of our administrative Boards or standing committees. There are also some good introductory opportunities to get your feet wet in serving by doing such things as ushering or greeting.

Serving the Lord in the ministry of His church is gratifying as you’re doing something that really makes a difference in the lives of people. You’ll also find that your own faith grows in the process of giving and serving others. And you’ll have the added bonus of getting to know some people well and building some valuable relationships.

Just give a call to the church office at 269-327-7832 and ask for Tammy, who will be happy to help you match up what you like to do with what needs to be done in the Lord’s work among us.