What does it mean to have Christian faith? What do Lutherans believe?

How is this similar and/or different from the doctrines taught by other denomi-nations and religions?

You may be asking yourself these questions, especially if you are new to the Lutheran church, or are sending your children to our Lutheran school or Vacation Bible School.

What makes Saint Michael Lutheran Church special? How do we care for one an-other and become involved in God’s Kingdom work among us?

In order to address these questions, we offer a course of instruction entitled “Exploring Our Faith.”
In this course we will explore the six chief parts of the Christian faith, as outlined by Dr. Martin Luther in his catechisms.
In so doing, you will find that our Lutheran faith is Bible based, and in agreement with the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. Once you’ve taken the course, you will have prepared yourself to become an active communicant member of St. Michael Lutheran Church, if you so desire.

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