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Here are a few ideas to have some family time together during Holy Week:

  • Try making Resurrection Rolls every Easter morning with your kids. They are really yummy, but they come with an Easter message. Here is the link to the recipe as well as the Bible verses for the story.
  • How about making an Easter Basket Cake There are so many good options here that are super easy to make.
  • Try making String Eggs. They are beautiful decorations and can be saved for future years.
  • Have an Easter Scavenger Hunt with clues in eggs to find a basket of goodies. Use different egg color per child.
  • Perhaps you have heard of Egg Boxing. It’s a tradition in many European families. Everyone decorates their hard boiled eggs, and then before you eat the Easter meal, each person chooses their battle egg. Obviously, hard boiled eggs are recommended for this activity


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