Ministry to, with, and for seniors permeates all we do from A to Z!


CELL Group Ministry

Three groups currently meeting consist largely of older women, and one group of older men. A number of other groups are multi-generational with seniors in them. Some CELL groups have made it a project to visit seniors, take meals, clean their home, etc.

Friendly Visitors

Born out of our Stephen Ministry, a number of specially trained individuals are matched up with seniors who would appreciate a home visit outside of a formal Stephen Ministry relationship.

Good Samaritan Fund

People of any age facing financial crisis, especially members of our congregation, have access upon request to assistance from this designated fund to the extent that money is available.

Lay Minister/Shepherd

Every senior member of the congregation has an elected Lay Minister who partners with the Pastor in ministering to their needs of body and soul. Telecare callers assist the Lay Minister/Shepherd in identifying needs and making appropriate referrals.

Pastoral Calls

Our pastors make calls on elderly members upon request in their homes as well as when they might be in the hospital or another institution. They also make regular visits to shut-ins for private communion. At least once a month they conduct a devotional worship service at Tendercare Nursing Home in Portage.

Prayer Chain

A number of our prayer chain members are elderly, and often the subject of the prayers requested are for seniors.

Prayer Shawls

One or more of the members of our congregation knit and crochet prayer shawls and give them to seniors as a gift of love and reminder of our prayers. Seniors who would like to make prayer shawls would also have ample opportunity.

Saint Michael Lutheran School

A number of our classrooms have sent homemade greeting cards and other projects to seniors. Some students have benefited from elderly serving as tutors or as a kind of surrogate grandparent on special grandparents visitation days and other occasions.

Seasonal Visits

CELL Groups and Youth Groups will on occasion make personal visits to seniors for garden planting, leaf raking, Christmas Caroling, and other projects as the needs arise.

Stephen Ministry

Seniors, as much as one, may request (or agree to receive) a Stephen Minister, i.e., a same gender skilled listener who will come beside the care receiver on a regular basis for a one-on-one time of conversation and prayer that is strictly confidential.

Sunday School and Weekday School

Similar expressions of love and appreciation for our seniors that has been shown by our Lutheran day school has also been occasionally a part of our Sunday School and Weekday School activities.

Telecare Ministry

All of the seniors citizens in our congregation have a telecare caller who telephones them once a month. In addition, a number of the telecare callers are themselves seniors. Telecare callers are responsible for discovering the needs of the seniors they speak with.

Women’s Fellowship Ministry

A number of the women who are actively involved with this group are seniors. In addition, the members have made it a point to send greeting cards to senior women in the church and other expressions of love and care as needed.

Worship at St. Michael

Our sanctuary is very handicap accessible without any steps and with available wheelchairs and walkers. In addition to handicap parking we also provide special parking near the entries just for seniors (including an awning covered entry). We have special listening devices available for those hard of hearing, as well as large print worship folders and announcement bulletins. Some members also make it a point to bring elderly people with them who are not able to drive themselves.

Worship for Shut-ins

A professionally produced LCMS worship service on DVD is distributed to seniors upon request, as well as aired on our local cable access television stations. We also distribute audio CDs of our own worship services to shut-ins upon request.