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40-Day Challenge Begins

Ash Wednesday – February 26, 2020

 at either our 1:00 pm or 7:00 pm worship services


One young LCMS pastor named Zach Zehnder suggests that we need to see red in a different sort of way. We need to see again, and pay particular attention to, the red letters in the New Testament, that is, the very words of our Lord Jesus Christ that are highlighted in a red letter edition of the Bible. To that end, he has put together what he calls “The Red Letter Challenge,” a forty-day devotion to reading, meditating upon, and applying in practical ways to our daily life—the very words of Jesus (see for details, as well as the free videos and small group Bible studies).


In addition to the daily devotional reading that we’ll be doing, we’ll also be gathering in small groups throughout the community and throughout the week (realizing that the small group component is vital to getting the most out of this Red Letter Challenge). Small groups will be created throughout the month of February. See the sign up table in the Welcome Center, or contact our church office for more details.


What to do when: Red Letter Challenge Schedule