In the middle of all the worries and stresses of our lives today, couples often become so involved in the day-to-day concerns of their lives Рhome, job, financial pressures, children, etc. Рthat they can lose touch with each other and their married relationship. Lutheran Marriage Encounter offers a weekend that can help a couple discover each other and what is really important in life again. You can also visit for more information & to register.


What people are saying:

“Even though we are newly married, the weekend was an amazing time of growth for us. I pray that the tools we received will help us to avoid major problems. Thank you for this time together as a couple!”

“It was a time for just us, which every couple needs.”

“We felt we were respected as a married couple. It was a very rewarding Weekend for us.”

“Telling my husband about how I feel made me feel so loved and cherished! This was a huge blessing!”