Classics Cafe: Summer Brew

As Angelina Stanford writes, the famous Christian author and apologist C. S. Lewis was keenly aware of the lure of the “Inner Circle,” that persistent temptation we face to find approval from the “important people.” Whether humorously depicted in the character of Greg Focker in Meet the Parents or more ominously illustrated in Anakin Skywalker’s fall into the dark side, it rings perennially true that our hunger for approval can easily lead us down the slipperly slope to becoming scoundrels. Well, C. S. Lewis thought so. I expect that Martin Luther would agree, since he wrote that Christians never outgrow our need to recite and meditate on the 10 Commandments (and the rest of God’s instruction). Our hearts are prone to wander.

Why do I bring up all of this about the “Inner Circle”?  To invite you to join our own Classics Cafe elite club? Not exactly! We are no Inner Circle, but are a group who enjoys getting together to pray, discuss classic books (usually one at a time), and drinking a little coffee (or water if the doctor or your own taste prohibits the brown drink). We are open to all!


But this summer’s reading list, two books crafted by Lewis, do dovetail very nicely with the themes of temptation, secrecy, and (thankfully) grace and redemption. Lewis is famous for his Narnia series and his books on Christian living and theology. Perelandra and That Hideous Strength, though, are the final two books in his lesser-known Space Trilogy. Without giving too much away, I can say that Perelandra provides insight into the wiles of Satan and the temptation in the Garden, while That Hideous Strength speaks to dangers and temptations that are highly relevant in our age of technological innovation and bureaucratic legislation. They are works of fantastic fiction, yet they touch on truths that can reorient our thinking toward God’s perspective.



Please consider joining us! Or, if you can’t, grab these books and read them on your own. If you missed our Classics Cafe discussion on Out of the Silent Planet, book one of the trilogy, you might want to start there. But you don’t have to. Each book stands on its own.


For each of the summer meetings, the time will be 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, and the meeting room is TBD.
 -June 28 - First half of Perelandra (come even if you haven’t started yet)
 -July 26 - Finish Perelandra and introduce That Hideous Strength
 -August 23 - Last meeting for That Hideous Strength (unless we choose to keep talking about that book into the fall when we resume normal meeting days and times)
-Pastor Toman (24-May-2017)


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