Voelz Sept 2019 posterDr. James W. Voelz to preach and teach at St. Michael on September 8, 2019.

“What does this mean?” Those words are inscribed well into the minds of all students of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. The same question is echoed by all who read God’s Word and dare to enquire into the truth behind the Bible’s words.

What Does This Mean? is also the title of Dr. James Voelz’s groundbreaking textbook on biblical interpretation. Voelz is a professor at Concordia Seminary and a renowned professor of Biblical Greek and of the gospel of Mark in particular. He is an expert i n textual semantics and interpretation, and pays special attention to our understanding of the Bible in light of post-modern textual criticism.

On Sunday, September 8, during the 9:45 am Learning Hour at St. Michael Lutheran Church, Voelz will present on the topic of Bible manuscripts and how our own Bible derives from them. In a talk titled Manuscripts of the Bible and Our English Translations,” Voelz will show examples of manuscripts, discuss how they are used, and give us a clearer picture of how God has used these manuscripts to deliver the teaching of the apostles to us who come centuries after the New Testament authors first put pen to paper.

September 8 is the first Sunday of St. Michael’s fall education schedule, in which a variety of classes will be offered nearly every week until Christmas. For an updated list of classes and dates, see the information posted in the church’s Communication Center. All are welcome to come to this event and to attend one of the worship services that frame the presentation on Sunday’s schedule—Voelz will preach at both the 8:30 am and 11:00 am services. May Christ be glorified as we all grow in knowledge and wisdom, gladly receiving His Word for our salvation.