Finance Manager

We are looking for a fellow disciple of our Lord Jesus to join St. Michael Lutheran Church and School on our mission of “Making Mighty Messengers for Christ!” Do others view you as trustworthy, and consistently doing the right things? Do you have a caring heart that propels you to reach out to those in need? Do you possess a Christ-like attitude that focuses more on others than on yourself? Do you exhibit pride in your work and have a passion for continuous improvement? If you answer positively to these qualities, we would like you to consider joining our team as our Business and Finance Manager to help us advance our mission and God’s Kingdom!

This position involves processing and oversight of the financial and confidential business matters of the church, its school and childcare, including financial reports, budgets, payroll, and accounts receivable and payable.  Includes supervising the secretarial and custodial staff.   Bachelor’s degree in accounting/finance/business is preferred but will consider experience well.  For further information email

Finance Manager Job Posting