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Confirmation is a distinctive opportunity for young people to grow in faith as they begin to face the complex issues of an adult world, and are making decisions that will impact their lives.  The Confirmation Curriculum spans three years and is designed to cover the chief parts of the catechism.

2016-2017 Acolyte Schedule


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2016-2017 Confirmation Schedule Revised

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Lesson 1: Lord’s Prayer Lesson 14: Biblical Main Themes
Lesson 2: The First Petition Lesson 15: Christ Central
Lesson 3: St. Michael & All Angels Lesson 16: Gideon
Lesson 4: The Second Petition Lesson 17: Family Devotions
Lesson 5: Martin Luther & Reformation Pre Lesson 18: Hezekiah
Lesson 6: Martin Luther & Reformation Early Lesson 19: Josiah
Lesson 7: Martin Luther & Reformation Late Lesson 20: Jeroboam
Lesson 8: Third Petiton Lesson 21: Elijah and Elisha
Lesson 9: Fourth Petition Lesson 22: Revelation
Lesson 10: Fifth Petition Lesson 23: Reading the Bible Devotionally
Lesson 11: Sixth Petition Lesson 24: The Bible in Entertainment/Modern Media
Lesson 12 & 13: Seventh Petition & Conclusion Lesson 25: Parent Night/Jeopardy