Confirmation is a distinctive opportunity for young people to grow in faith as they begin to face the complex issues of an adult world, and are making decisions that will impact their lives.  The Confirmation Curriculum spans three years and is designed to cover the chief parts of the catechism.

2018-19 Confirmation Schedule

Prayer Schedule



Lesson Materials


Lesson 1: Law & Gospel Lesson 11:
Lesson 2: The First Commandment Lesson 12:
Lesson 3: The Second and Third Commandments Lesson 13:
Lesson 4: The Fourth Commandment Lesson 14:
Lesson 5: Guest Speaker, “Why Staying in the Word is Important” Lesson 15:
Lesson 6: The Fifth Commandment  Lesson 16:
Lesson 7: The Sixth Commandment Lesson 17:
Lesson 8: Sixth Commandment Speakers Lesson 18:
Lesson 9: The Seventh Commandment Lesson 19:
Dec. 5 – Advent Animals: Ox

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