Christians Earnestly Learning & Loving

St. Michael CELL Groups are caring CHRISTIAN communities where members
are EARNESTLY LEARNING and grow spiritually even as they develop LOVING
meaningful relationships with others and experience the joy of witness and service.


Christians – As members of the Body of Christ we are interconnected with one another. We share our lives together and build a tangible community of care. (Romans 12:10-15)

Earnestly – The Gospel motivates us through our small group to reach up to God in prayer and praise, even as we reach out to one another in love. (Acts 2:46-47)

Learning – The small group is a uniquely effective way to study the Bible as we learn more about our faith and also help each other put it into practice in daily living (Colossians 3:16); and

Loving – As Christ’s disciples we love and encourage each other, even as we share His love for the lost, inviting new people to our group, starting new groups, and engaging in various service projects (Hebrews 10:23-25).

The CELL Ministry is a small group opportunity to expand personal understanding of the Gospel and benefit from applying God’s word in our daily life. Groups meet on a variety of days and times with each group having a unique demographic composition. There are groups composed of only men, only woman, men and woman, by age, without regard to age and etc. What brings us all together is the desire to expand our knowledge of God’s grace and will for us. Groups also pray for members within or persons outside of the group. Some groups are involved with social projects while other groups choose to leave involvement a matter of personal choice. If you want to grow in your understanding of our Lord’s Word, this Ministry is for you. For more information, contact the church office at 269-327-7832.


Current Ministries

CELLS Group Brochure 2016