21 Days Together

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  Something new is being offered from LCMS Pastor Zack Zehnder, author of the Red Letter Challenge, in collaboration with many other churches across America. See a preview here  and  watch the 3 messages that will be shared each day.

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Lent Confirmation Theme 3

VIDEO: NOTES: Forgiving is For Giving

Lent Confirmation Theme 2

NOTES: Hanging out with Jesus – John 15

Lent Confirmation Theme 1

Ash Wed. – February 26, 2020 Sermon “Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason”

VBS 2020

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Red Letter Challenge

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LENT 40-Day Challenge Begins   One young LCMS pastor named Zach Zehnder suggests that we need to see red in a different sort of way. We need to see again, and pay particular attention to, the red letters in the New Testament, that is, the very words of our Lord Jesus Christ that are highlighted […]

Exploring The Bible – Part 4

  Notes: Josiah   Slides: Josiah   Small Group Questions: Group Questions Josiah

Exploring The Bible – Part 3

  Slides:  Hezekiah   Small Group Questions:  Hezekiah group questions

Exploring The Bible – Part 2

  Notes:  Elijah and Elisha slide notes Slides:  Elijah and Elisha power point Small Group Questions:  Elijah/Elisha