Advent Animals: Calf

Advent Animals: Ox

Audio: Advent Animals: Ox 1   Advent Animals: Ox 2   Notes: Animals of Advent – Ox Notes   Slides: Animals of Advent – Ox Slides

Christmas: The Birth of our Savior

Christmas: The Birth of Our Savior

Advent 2018


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Lesson 4: The Fourth Commandment

Audio:    Notes: Honor Authority notes   Slides: Honor Authority Slides   Small Group Questions: Fourth Commandment Questions

Lesson 13: Victory in Christ

Audio: Victory in Christ   Notes: Victory in Christ slide notes   Slides: Victory in Christ slides   Questions: Victory in Christ-He Will Come Again Questions

Lesson 14: When Christ Returns

Audio: When Christ Returns Pt 1   When Christ Returns pt 2   Notes: What Will Happen When Christ Returns notes   Slides:  What Will Happen When Christ Returns slides   Small Group Questions: What Will Happen When Christ Returns Questions