Lessons 12A: Sin My Fatal Flaw

Notes:   SIN – My Fatal Flaw Small Group Questions: Sin My Fatal Flaw 

Lesson 11A: 9th and 10th Commandments

Audio: 9th & 10th Commandments     Notes:  9th and 10th commandment You shall not covet slide notes   Slides:  You Shall Not Covet slides   Small Group Questions:  Ninth and Tenth Commandment Questions

Lesson 10A: The 8th Commandment

Audio: 8th Commandment Pt 1          8th Commandment pt 2   Notes: 8th commandment notes   Slides: 8th commandment   Small Group Questions: Eighth Commandment Questions

Lesson 9A: The 7th Commandment

Audio: 11-28-18 Confirmation   Notes: You Shall Not Steal Notes   Slides: You Shall Not Steal Slides   Small Group Questions:  Seventh Commandment Questions

Lesson 8A: 6th Commandment / Dating

Audio:  Dating / Relationships Pt 1  Dating / Relationships Pt 2   Notes: Let’s Talk about it Dating and Relationships Notes   Small Group Questions: Relationships and Dating Questions

Lesson 7A: The Sixth Commandment

Audio:    Notes: The Sixth Commandment Notes   Slides: The Sixth Commandment Slides   Small Group Questions: The Sixth Commandment Questions

Lesson 6A: Fifth Commandment

Audio: Lesson 6 Pt 1    Lesson 6 Part 2   Notes: You shall not murder Notes   Slides: You shall not Murder Slides   Small Group Questions:  Fifth Commandment questions

Lesson 5A: Why Staying in the Word is Important

Audio: Why Staying in the Word Is Important Slides: Staying In the Word Slides Small Group Questions: Why staying in the word is important

Lesson 3A: The Second and Third Commandments

Audio: The 2nd & 3rd Commandments   Notes: The Second Commandment notes Third Commandment Notes   Slides: The Second Commandment Slides 3rd Commandment Slides   Small Group Questions: Second and Third Commandments – Questions

Lesson 2A: The First Commandment

Audio: The 1st Commandment   Notes: First Commandment notes   Slides: First Commandment Slides   Small Group Questions: First Commandment Questions