Lesson 24: The Bible in the Movies

Audio: The Bible in Movies pt 1  The Bible in Movies pt. 2 Notes: The Bible in Movies Notes Slides: The Bible in Movies Slides Small group questions: The Bible in Movies Questions

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Lesson 23: Reading the Bible Devotionally

Audio: Reading the Bible Devotionally   Notes: Reading the Bible Devotionally Notes   Slides: Reading the Bible Devotionally Slides   Small Group Questions:  Soap Worksheet/Discussion

Lesson 22: Revelation

Audio: Revelation Audio Notes: Revelation notes Slides: Revelation slides Small Group Questions: Revelation

Lesson 22: Elijah and Elisha

Audio: Elijah & Elisha Notes: Elijah and Elisha Slides: Elijah and Elisha Slides Small Group Questions:  Elijah and Elisha Questions

Lesson 19: Life Everlasting

Audio:    Notes: Life Everlasting! Notes   Slides: Life Everlasting! Slides   Small Group Questions:

Lesson 18: The Resurrection

Audio: Lent 3-14-18 Pt 1   3-14-18 pt 2   Notes: The Resurrection of the Body Notes  

Lesson 20: Jeroboam

Audio: Jeroboam Pt. 1   Jeroboam Pt. 2   Notes: Jeroboam Notes   Slides: Jeroboam Slides   Small Group Questions: Jeroboam Questions

Lesson 17: Forgiveness Of Sins

Audio: Lent 3-7-18 Notes: The Forgiveness of Sins Notes

Lesson 16: The Holy Christian Church

Audio: Lent 2-28-18 pt 1   Lent 2-28-18 pt 2   Notes: The Holy Christian Church slide notes   Slides: The Holy Christian Church slides